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Sonya E. Henderson, a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina, made her mark early in her teens as a dominant force in women’s basketball. After a successful four years at North Forsyth High School, she went on to Division One, Wake Forest University, where she earned her place as one of the top players in the Division. Sonya E. earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications and Theater Arts in 2002. Sonya E. is founder and President of Ladies Wit Game Corporation founded in 2002.

After college, Sonya E. traveled to Europe to play basketball as well as pursuing a career in music. Her first single, “The Atmosphere That Surrounds Me,” was an international hit record that reached the Top Ten in Germany. The European experience served as a base for Sonya E. to develop her musical influences.

In 1998 Sonya E. arrived back in the USA to begin her latest music project. This consisted of a rap tune entitled “Ladies With Game.” This song featured Sonya E.’s vast knowledge of basketball put to some of the slickest music productions of today.

After completing the basketball song, Sonya E. and Charles Michael Bryant combined to write, produce, and record a full-length CD to reestablish Sonya E. as an artist with a new voice that fits into today’s neo-soul format. The finished album has fourteen songs which showcase Sonya E.’s sultry voice with the jazz/R&B styling of Charles Michael Bryant and Roderick Dephat Carter. The CD firmly establishes Sonya E. as a fresh new artist with her own unique and soulful style.

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