Winnie Madikizela. A full remembering.




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“You were a revolutionary leader, who built a movement and whose memory we will witness being re-written as is too often the case when it comes to Brilliant, Black women who lead and are beloved then betrayed. Obituaries will re-imagine your power and purpose and whittle your life of brilliance to moments of tragedy. I call on us to do a full remembering and not succumb to the re-writers of our histories whose mission is to minimalise and anaesthetise the utter revolutionary brilliance of Black women leadership. I call on us to say your names – all your names: Leader, Lover, Creator, Movement Builder, Revolutionary, Freedom Fighter, Beauty, Beloved, Betrayed, Badass, Brilliant, Wife, Mama, Grandmama; a woman pulled down and built up in multiple ways by multiple peoples. Winnie, we remember you, we say your name, you are beloved still by so many millions.

You remind us of the ways we love and build Black men and enable them to lean on our bodies; only to watch them betray us in the full glare of a global media light. We have too little love for the Brilliant, Black women who built worlds that enable our freedoms. They are forgotten and unforgiven.

But you are not.

We will bear witness to obituaries or commentators and speculators who will reduce and recast your role as revolutionary leader to abusive, unfaithful wife – and we will rage for you. A full remembering: that is what we are called to give.”

_ by Esther Armah

Discussions, sharing herstory’s, projections, …
Come and lift your glass to the Power, the Glory and the Spirit of Winnie Madikizela.