#SupportLeSpace (ENG)

Le Space wants to continue to exist, but that’s not easy.
YOUR Space asks for Your Support.

You might already know Le Space from artistic and activist events or as a venue in Brussels where emerging or lesser known artists get the much needed (safe) space.
We want people to be able to continue to know and use Le Space. That is why we ask for your support.

We need more monthly contributions to cover our fixed and variable costs. Our fixed costs are fees for rent, electricity, water, copyright, gas (for heating), insurance and WiFi. Occasionally we need new furniture or kitchen equipment. In addition, we strive to compensate artists, speakers and other invitees for their work.

None of the permanent staff at Le Space is paid. Our ’employees’ are volunteers who work and welcome you at the bar, clean the space before and after events, perform administrative and communication tasks and work together on the Le Space programme. The result of their efforts can be seen in the annual report of our activities.

The funds that we now receive through subsidies and the bar’s revenue do not meet all our costs. In order to provide a good set-up and program, we need a stable income to keep working on a longer term.
For this we ask our audience members and everyone who considers what we offer important, to help guarantee the existence of Le Space for a longer period of time.

What can you do?
Support us with a monthly donation!
You can deposit a monthly amount into our account number by arranging a standing order for this at your bank.
This is our IBAN: BE03 0004 1326 7284.
This is our BIC: BPOTBEB1XXX.
Please mention ‘monthly donation Le Space + Your email address’ with your wire transfer.

Be sure to also share this call on social media with #SupportLeSpace, so that others follow your example to support a unique place in Brussels.